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Frequenty Asked Questions

Does the compressor come with oil?

Answer: Some compressor are supplied with oil. We recommend that you drain any oil supplied in a compressor and replace it with the correct amount and type of new oil per OEM specs.

How much oil should I add to my compressor?

Answer: You should add the correct type and amount of oil per your OEM specifications. This can often be found on the engine sticker under the hood of the vehicle or in the owner’s manual. (an oil chart is also located under the Tech Tips tab on this website. Any information located on this list is provided as reference only. OEM specifications must be verified to ensure proper volumes.

Do you have walk-up customer service or parts pick-up?

Answer: We are an internet based wholesale auto parts company. We do not offer walk-up customer service or parts pick-up.

What technical support do you offer?

Answer: We are a supplier of new and rebuild auto parts. We are not technicians. We strongly suggest that all work be performed by certified automotive technicians. You can find answers to some commonly found questions under the Tech Tips tab on this site. Beyond these helpful tips we cannot diagnose or offer any technical support.

Can I setup a commercial account?

Answer: Yes, commercial accounts are available to qualified customers. Please send your request to

How do you ship orders?

Answer: Orders are typically shipped via UPS (LTL is available for larger shipments)

Can you ship to my PO Box?

Answer: No, Freight carriers will not deliver to a PO Box. They must have a physical address